Riverview Baptist Church

Church Building

The Lord led my wife Sherry and I to Riverview Baptist Church in December of 2012. Riverview is a small Church facility, but the people – the true Church – have a big heart. We have two services on Sunday mornings – one at 8:30 AM and another at 11:00 AM. The Sunday School meets at 10:00 AM in the Fellowship Hall – the building behind the Sanctuary. There are around 130 active members in the Church.

Church Grounds

We meet at 6 PM on Wednesday nights Choir Practice. Brother Jerry Bridenbaugh is our Worship Leader, and a wonderful man of God. On Sundays at 5:00 PM we have Discipleship Training Classes, and at 6:00 PM we have Evening Worship Services. We are currently looking for a Children and Youth Minister who will be willing to work with the Pastor to integrate the young people into the missions of the Church. If you are interested please contact me at bibleteacher.org@gmail.com and I will forward your resume and information to our Search Committee.

Times of Service

This is a loving and giving Church family. If you are in the area and need a Church home, please stop by and visit with us. We are located at 798 Santa Fe Pike, Columbia, TN 38401. All are welcome. The preaching is conservative and Biblical, loving and Christ centered. Call me at 931-982-4384 if you’re in the area and want to talk. Below is our weekly schedule as of August 22, 2016:

Sunday Morning Services 8:30 am & 11 am
Sunday School 10 am (classes for all ages)
Sunday Night Discipleship Training 5 pm
Sunday Night Service 6 pm
Monday Morning Men’s Coffee at McDonald’s on Trotwood 8 am
Tuesday Night Men & Women Bible Study 6 PM
Wednesday Night Youth Ministry (Bus Pickup) 6 pm
Wednesday Night Choir Practice 6 pm
Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting & Bible Study 7 pm
Hillview NHC Ministry 2nd Sunday 2 pm every month
Business Meeting Wednesday after 2nd Sunday each month 7:30 pm

2 Responses to Riverview Baptist Church

  1. That’s great to hear that your church has so many active members.
    Keep plowing

  2. Pastor Sandip Nayak says:

    Greetings to you in the name lord jesus christ.
    I am very glad to see your faith & practicing with all these scripture. Exactly we are also faith & practicing. Because of we are Baptist background and grown up Baptist faith. Please pray for us 🙏 we vision & goal grow Baptist Churches planting. So we are running small Bible teaching group . Unexpected God has give me opportunity to see your page felt encouragement. Thank you so much

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