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Come To Jesus, Or Go To Hell

We are called to HUMBLE OURSELVES as LITTLE CHILDREN. To come before God our Father and take accountability for our own lives. The Bible makes it clear that the Most Supreme Court of God does not judge a person based upon what someone else did, but Gods judges us on the basis of what WE did. The Scripture says:… Continue reading

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Preaching Christ Crucified

The devil despises the Cross of Christ. He despises the Gospel of the Shed Blood of Jesus. When the early preachers were caught by Satan’s henchmen they were beaten – then warned – to cease preaching Christ crucified. “Do not speak in the Name of Jesus!” (Acts 5:40). What did the disciples do? They departed from the council, and preached Christ all the more in the Temple and in every place. “They ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ” (Acts 5:42). We preach Christ crucified for this is the only thing that will change
a life, the only thing that will save a soul. Continue reading

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Which Kingdom Do You Belong To?

Christ looks after His children. He will not fail us. He will protect us. So let us, as His children, draw near to Him, and to His Word. Let us live our lives to honor Him, not to please the world. May God touch your hearts with His Word and Spirit. Continue reading

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Speak To The Mountain

We have restarted Sunday School classes for the children in our Church, and so far things are going well. The Coronavirus has really hit our Church attendance, though things are still going well. Our Sunday School is down to just a few people. Fear has gripped so many. I came across this little story, and thought I’d share it with you.

Illustrate A little boy had just begun to attend Sunday School. His teacher gave him a colorful bookmark for his Bible. On the bookmark were the words, “Have Faith In God”. As he and his parents headed home… Continue reading

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2. The MUSTS Of The Christian Faith: The MUST of Sacrifice

Central to the Christian faith is the MUST of Sacrifice.

Though Jesus and the Apostle preached this great truth clearly, it has been largely ignored by the modern Church. Our faith is all of sacrifice. We are saved because Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself for us. Once we as His children by faith are saved, we are to live lives of sacrifice. Not like the world, but like the Christ. When we understand the sacrifice of the Christian faith our lives begin to make sense. God did not save us through the sacrifice of His Son so that we as believers would drift casually into Heaven. God saved we who are Christians by faith in the sacrifice of His Son so that we, being born again, will be light and salt to this present world. Continue reading

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There Is A Way

You can say “I believe thus and such”, but it is your actions that prove what you actually believe. Every actions has consequences. We have forgotten this in America. Continue reading

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The Lord’s Table Is More Than Grape Juice And Stale Crackers

What do you believe about the Lord’s Table? The Apostle Paul tells us that this sacred ritual is more than a model of how to live this life we call “Christian”. Continue reading

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Wisdom Is From God

We live in a day where knowledge is super-abounding. To learn something all I need do is go to the Internet. This fantastic tool – accessible even to people in many third world countries – is an open door to the world’s knowledge. Choose a search engine – I like Google myself – and the subject, and you have all the information (and misinformation) that the world knows about it. You can go to You Tube and find instructional videos on anything from car maintenance to carpentry to zoology. Knowledge is so easy to gain. We have immense knowledge in the 21st century – and yet so very little wisdom.
Continue reading

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Lord, I Believe: Help My Unbelief (Red Letters #44)

We must rely on God our Savior. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1 NASB). Faith believes what God has said, regardless as to how things seem. Faith is to come to God believing that He is as He says, and that He will bless those who seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). Faith believes in and rests in the Master. This is what saves a person. This is what keeps on saving a person.

We must come to Jesus Christ! Continue reading

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Transfiguration (Red Letters #41)

The Messiah will one day return, and reward every person according to their works. I can hear you now. You have been told by many preachers that salvation is a gift of God, not of works, lest any person should boast (Ephesians 2:8-9). Human works will not secure salvation for anyone. There is no good that you can do that will impress God, causing Him to save you. But there is ONE WORK that you must do. Do you know what it is? When crowds followed Jesus to Capernaum right after He miraculously fed the 5000+ men, women, and children, many asked:

John 6:28 What shall we do, that we might work
the works of God?

Jesus’ answer was simple. He said: “This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom {God the Father} hath sent.” (John 6:30). … Continue reading

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