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Come To Jesus, Or Go To Hell

We are called to HUMBLE OURSELVES as LITTLE CHILDREN. To come before God our Father and take accountability for our own lives. The Bible makes it clear that the Most Supreme Court of God does not judge a person based upon what someone else did, but Gods judges us on the basis of what WE did. The Scripture says:… Continue reading

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Preaching Christ Crucified

The devil despises the Cross of Christ. He despises the Gospel of the Shed Blood of Jesus. When the early preachers were caught by Satan’s henchmen they were beaten – then warned – to cease preaching Christ crucified. “Do not speak in the Name of Jesus!” (Acts 5:40). What did the disciples do? They departed from the council, and preached Christ all the more in the Temple and in every place. “They ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ” (Acts 5:42). We preach Christ crucified for this is the only thing that will change
a life, the only thing that will save a soul. Continue reading

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