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The Names of God: Yahweh Elohiym and Yahweh Rapha

The Book of Exodus shows us the beginning of God’s fulfillment of His Promise to Abraham. In it we see the beginning of Israel as a nation, a people saved by God. In Israel we also see how God reveals Himself to his people. God reveals Himself through the use of different names, names that characterize Who our God is…. Continue reading

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When Chariots Come

The least productive thing you can do when chariots come is to play the blame game. You know what the blame game is. You see it every day in the political world. Something bad is happening, but it’s never MY FAULT. It’s always someone else’s fault. When chariots came for Israel how did they respond? Continue reading

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Let My People Go

You might wonder why we would study Israel and the Exodus that they had from Egypt. When I was a young Christian I often saw the Bible as two books. One – the Old Testament – I saw as a book of history, and the New Testament as current teaching for the Church. I focused a lot of my studies on the New Testament. But as I was reading through Corinthians one day I found out I was wrong. Continue reading

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