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What’s In It For Me? Red Letters #49

To put Peter’s words into modern lingo, he asked, “What’s in it for ME?”. Jesus, we have given up everything to follow You. Now, what are YOU going to do for US?

It is so easy for this mentality to creep into our lives. As a pastor of a small Church I have often had people call or visit, considering whether they wanted to be members here or not. They walk around the facilities, looking at our child care areas. “What’s in it for me?” They come in this building,… Continue reading

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#6 The MUSTS Of Christianity: We Must Dress Appropriately

One of the questions I’m often asked by those who consider visiting our Church is “Do you have a dress code?”. What they want to know is what is the acceptable dress to come and worship with us. There is no “dress code” in that sense. I do appreciate it when both WOMEN AND MEN dress modestly. Everyone, even preachers, are susceptible to temptation. Please remember the admonition of the Apostle Paul who said… Continue reading

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Are You Blind?

I was reading a commentary today where the writer began to teach that there are two levels of Christians – the Christian who just believes and is saved, and the Christian who is saved by faith and does the things that God commands. I don’t know where this nonsense came from. I suspect it is an aberration created by liberal preachers who are looking for numbers. It is not taught in Scripture. And it is not natural. Continue reading

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