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The Abomination Of Poor Judgment

Since the 9-11 terrorist attacks, our government established the TSA. With the body searches and bag inspections you need to get to the airport about 3 hours before your flight. A woman was at the airport, and had gone through all the checkpoints. As she was early for check in she decided to get a little something to eat. Then she saw the Cookie Stand. Five freshly baked cookies for about $5.00. She couldn’t resist. Paying her $5.00, she put her brown bag of cookies in her carry on. At her gate she sat next to a nice looking, well dressed man.

Rummaging through her purse for her phone, she looked up and saw that the nice young man had her bag of cookies in his hand. Unfolding the top of the bag, he opened it, and fished out a cookie as she glared at him. He notice she was watching him, so he put the bag between them and said, “Help yourself”! … Continue reading

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