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Revival with Bob Pitman

come join us Continue reading

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Jesus Loves Me

One of Jesus’ greatest sermons was one He preached from Capernaum. The sermon was not just great because Jesus preached it (and everything Jesus preached was great), but it was great because of the wonderful illustration Jesus gave the crowd the day before. Continue reading

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An Unholy Alliance

I’d love to ignore this chapter and just preach the Trinity and the Christ all over again. Those are glorious truths. But there are dark truths we also need to understand. God is Triune, the Three Persons working in one accord and in one love. But during the Great Tribulation there will be another trinity revealed. A dark trinity. A trinity not of love and light, but a trinity of evil. This trinity mimics in an evil way the good that is God. Continue reading

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The Word that Moses received from God on Sinai spoke of Christ. There are spiritual truths related to Christ and the Christian Way of life behind every sacrifice and every ordinance. The Apostle Paul in referencing the Old Testament said:

1 Corinthians 10:11 … all these things happened unto {Israel} for examples,
and they are written for our admonition {nouthesia, to teach us} Continue reading

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Salvation Is God’s Family Business

When the Lord healed him and the man did so the Jews – particularly the Pharisees – sought to kill Jesus for healing someone on the Sabbath. How foolish is sin and how blinding is the Law! The Pharisees were so focused on their rituals that they couldn’t see that it is God that heals. If a person was healed by Jesus on the Sabbath it was because God wanted that person healed. Continue reading

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Living the Christian Life

Originally posted on How to walk with God:
The simplest truth that we as Christians must understand is that the day we become Christians it is no longer about us. It is all about Jesus living in us. Galatians 2:20…

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Whence The Law?

The Law of God was never given to save anyone. Israel was saved from Egypt without the Law. The Law was given to establish order over a spiritless and rebellious people. The Law was given to keep order in God’s Israel. Not all of Israel is Israel, just as not all the Church is the Church. The Law was not given to Spirit Filled faithful believers. Continue reading

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The Devil Is A Loser

The Child she carried would rule all nations with a rod of iron, be caught up to God, and taken to His Throne. This is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. Continue reading

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The Water Tests Of True Faith

There are parts of the Old Testament that shock our modern permissive sensibilities. But I want to stress to you all that God is God. He has not changed from the Old to the New Testament. He is, He was, and He will be the same forever. Continue reading

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Why There Must Be A Great Tribulation

Often in Scripture when preachers preached God had them use props or illustrations. God gives John a reed like unto a ROD. A REED is used to measure things. It is first mentioned in Ezekiel 40:5, and is used twice in Revelation, here and in chapter 21:15-16. The length of the Reed is about 6 cubits or about 10 feet long. What is interesting about this “measure” is that it is a reed like unto a ROD. Continue reading

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